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Group Personal Insurance


Employers sign up with BenefitPerqs (no cost) to give employees access to these voluntary benefits. Payment is easy with payroll deduction. Employees contact BenefitPerqs to enroll, and payroll deduction is arranged with the employer.  



Nobody plans to be in an accident. But when it happens, the accident insurance pays employees directly. Benefits can be used on medical expenses that major medical was never intended to cover, or on everyday bills like rent or mortgage, utilities and groceries - to help stay afloat while recovering from an accident.


Critical Illness
Beating a critical illness is tough, but it’s tougher when the bills start to add up. The critical illness insurance helps employees recuperate without worry over financial setbacks that can cause stress and slow recovery time. Lump-sum cash benefits can be used to help cover medical expenses that major medical isn’t intended to cover, routine living expenses, and the hidden costs of illness—travel, lodging, and miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses.


It happens more than most people imagine. A disabling sickness or injury can leave a wage earner out of work and out of options. The average time a person on long term disability is absent from work is nearly three years. The disability insurance offers essential income replacement benefits to protect from loss of income. 



Even a short hospital stay can set the stage for financial difficulties that can last for years. An employee’s cost of a hospital stay adds up quickly. Most major medical coverage is not designed to cover all of their hospitalization costs, paying only a portion of those charges. The hospital indemnity insurance provides supplemental benefits that enhance existing coverage and allow employees to be prepared to cover expenses associated with a hospital stay and medical treatment.


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