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Is your home valued in excess of $1 million?

A high value homeowners insurance policy includes these options:

  • High deductibles available; up to $100,000 to reduce annual premiums

  • Guaranteed rebuilding cost, without being penalized for depreciation

  • Replacement of home/condo contents, without being penalized for depreciation

  • Cash settlement up to the coverage limit to rebuild or purchase a new home

  • Earthquake coverage

  • Excess flood coverage







What scenarios are covered?

  • Destruction of home/condo

  • Loss or theft of home/condo contents

  • Damage caused by pets

  • Damage to your landscape

  • Loss or theft of personal property while on vacation or away from home

  • Cost to repair or replace high tech equipment 

  • Physical and mental expenses caused by home invasion, stalking, carjacking, kidnapping, or child abduction

Download our brochure for homeowners.

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Insure Your Other High Value Assets Too

Owners of a high value home insurance policy may choose a comprehensive personal insurance policy package which insures all high value assets together. The comprehensive package offers multiple discounts and a complimentary Risk Assessment Service which provides appraisal values for the house and other valuable assets.

For homeowners policies for homes valued less than $1 million, click here.

BenefitPerqs accesses policies from the traditional high value asset carriers like AIG, Chubb, and Lloyd's, and others. Don’t worry if you have too many losses or a lapse in coverage -- we will help you find good policies from other reliable carriers.

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