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Property & Casualty Insurance

  • Business Owners Policy

    • Business Interruption

    • Flood

    • General & Umbrella Liability

    • Equipment Breakdown

    • Employment Practices Liability

    • Crime, Theft & Fraud

    • Electronic Data Processing

    • Management & Professional Liability

  • Workers Compensation Policy

  • Commercial Auto/Property Policies

Protect your company with a P&C policy. Request a quote on a variety of flexible, streamlined small business insurance coverages.

Need extra income? See if you can save on premiums by switching insurance policies. There are no penalties for switching policies.  


Request a complimentary no-obligation review of your Property & Casualty policies to learn if your business could benefit from switching. One of our reviews uncovered a $2,500 savings in premiums for a local company. Use these extra funds to strengthen cash flow, hire more employees, update equipment, or increase advertising, etc. 

General & Umbrella Liability

A Client Savings Story

BenefitPerqs saved a St. Louis area restaurant owner over $2500 in annual premiums -- for only one location.


How? Our complimentary insurance policy review resulted in a number of policy change recommendations.


We can do the same for you, to help you determine if your business has adequate coverage and if your premiums are reasonable. 

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