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10 Tips to Prevent Stress and Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year. Most people experience symptoms starting in the fall which may continue into the winter months, and the holidays can bring on additional stress.

Symptoms Symptoms include depression, hopelessness, anxiety, loss of energy, social withdrawal, changes in sleeping patterns, changes in appetite (changes in weight), and difficulty concentrating.

Prevention Tips The Mayo Clinic Staff developed these 10 tips for preventing stress and depression which I like to share with my clients:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings

  2. Reach out (don’t isolate yourself)

  3. Be realistic (with time and money)

  4. Set aside difference

  5. Stick to a budget

  6. Plan ahead

  7. Learn to say NO

  8. Don’t abandon healthy habits

  9. Take a breather (relax)

  10. Seek professional help if needed

It is normal to feel sad and stressed sometimes; but if your sadness leads to hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, or significant changes in appetite and/or sleep, consult a social worker or physician.

Dawn East, MSW, LCSW 314-440-1283

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