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Identity Theft Protection is an Immediate Necessity: Don't Delay

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on August 16, 2014 the latest data breach at a mass merchant and probably the Identity theft of millions of consumers.

This time hackers breached security at Super Value, the grocery conglomerate that owns the Shop ‘n Save grocery stores in the Saint Louis area. According to the company, hackers gained access to account numbers, expiration dates, cardholders’ names and other information. The breach happened in June and July 2014. There was no mention as to the date shoppers at Shop ‘n Save were notified that their information might have been stolen.

Since the use of credit and debit cards is the most convenient form of payment for purchases at any retailer, reliance on the data security systems of any retailer to safeguard one’s identity is not enough.

Consumers need to be proactive and protect themselves against losses by subscribing to an Identity Theft Solutions service that among other things will provide the following:

  • Identity Monitoring

  • Keylogging Defense if Shopping Online

  • Identity Theft Restoration

  • Identity Theft Insurance

Prices vary depending on which company you use and features you need. But Identity Theft Protection is a necessary expense to incur for peace of mind.

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